Bailey Tann


Los Angeles heat wave

At the end of August, a friend (Karen Ann, KA for short here) and I visited Los Angeles for the first time. Poppin our LA Cherry. In short- LA is huge. Like 'why are all of these people in one place' huge. Like 'Is the smog and traffic really worth the $1500 apartment??' huge. Let's get that out of the way: The things I hated about LA: 1) Too many people 2) Too spread out 3) Why does it take thirty minutes to travel three miles?. It was a short trip, so it is a short list. I can hate anything more with time.

But there are things I loved about the city. I love the diversity of people and how each culture had a surrounding community. I love how nearly everyone around is working on their own grind; being an artist, musician, or whatever their dream is-- lots of dreamers. I love the variety of food and the numerous museums that could fill all of the hours of every weekend. I love that the mountains and the ocean hug the city and only hours away national parks wait--for weekend hikes and beach excursions. So I haven't given up on LA yet. I will go back. 

We had four days to explore the beaches, museums, and parts of this enormous city. Calvin, KA's friend, and our host drove us all around and let us crash at his place. We went to so many beaches- more than I thought I'd see- and I'm not complaining. Santa Monica was my favorite. We spent the first evening there sitting on the beach, watching the sun go down and the waves roll closer to shore. That part I could get used to. The ocean is commanding and soothing, I could spend hours laying on the warm sand with the sound of waves in my ears. However- I could live without the amount of sand that wedges itself between my swimsuit and my skin- there to stay until our hour drive back to the apartment relieves me.

We spent an evening in a Yurt on an organic farm in Malibu, hosted by a lovely lady named Bibi. She fed us incredible meals and chatted with us about life and plants and food. She even invited us back to volunteer on her farm (How can I pass that up??). Malibu was absolutely beautiful. Rolling mountains held beautiful homes on their peaks and in the valleys with blues of the sky and the ocean peeking through around curves of the road. Once out of the mountains, the ocean is directly in front of you, and beside you: nearly all around you. The clouds become waves in the sea and the ripples of the ocean appear to surround them- a mass of blue that almost looks like the edge of the world. (It's not, flat earthers)

We ran around all hours of every day we were there--exhausting ourselves but filling up our tanks with beach waves and museums. It took me two days of recovery at home after we landed. Now I'm back to the normal grind, listening to artificial waves in my headphones, dreaming of the real thing.

Bailey Tann