Bailey Tann


Kansas City-- a city for ants


I turned 23 on August 11. 23. I guess if I sat here and reminisced about the days I spent in Mayview-- the days I took for granted the 20 acres of solitude surrounding my house and the freedom of being a teenager-- I might feel more shocked by the number that seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. But I've felt old since I was young. I've counted each year as a year closer to the old lady in my heart-- but she gets older too, and things never match up. This birthday marks 5 years living on my own- and boy does it feel that way. (bills am I right)

I graduated in May and didn't expect the hour glass to tip and pour sand so quickly-- though I think I'm the one who tipped it in the first place-- I didn't expect to. I thought 'Now I have free time, now I can live for a minute'. But since the diploma came in the mail I have done nothing but seek for change- in home, in location, in a career.  In a limbo of indecision. Working hard to point in a specific direction- any direction really. So here I am waiting. And in the meantime...

I flew in a helicopter for my birthday. Jeffrey took me to the airport and we flew above Kansas City. It was really wonderful, and he is really wonderful. 

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