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Women's March KC

Yesterday I woke up at 1:15 pm, laying in my bed in the-night-before's clothes, with my phone on silent hidden in my purse. Paired with the worst hangover I have had since a high school night drinking Jeremiah Weed, I rushed out of bed, responded to a slew of texts from friends and family, and fought my way through a shower. I mention this horrible hangover to a. Give an honest depiction of how I can be a hot mess, and b. To describe the beautiful, uplifting atmosphere I walked into during the Women's March in KC. Arriving at the park later than planned, we were suddenly emerged into a sea of people with signs displaying values that matched our own. My sick gut subsided and I was flooded with a happiness that I hadn't expected. We were reading signs in every direction, laughing, asking some to stop for photos. I smiled until my cheeks were sore. There were women of all ages and ethnicities standing side by side, yelling or chatting with others. There were men standing alongside women, families and children. I have never felt that kind of unity, especially with my political (PEOPLE) beliefs. It felt something like hope, something like not being all alone fighting for rights of so many. I hope I can hold onto that feeling for the next few years.

In class last week we discussed the word "community". It wasn't until I was emerged into this crowd that I finally had an understanding of what it means to me. These people and the kindness I felt- I think that must be my community. And I hope to discover more about it and fight alongside with it for years to come. 

I had a hard time filtering through these photos. Every one deleted was someones voice and opinion being deleted. So there are quite a few, I hope you enjoy them and get a kick out of some of the more hilarious ones (The lady with a sign shaped like Donald Trump's head with a wig on top and a giant NO).

<3 cheers!

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