Bailey Tann


Fickle Heart & a Bitterness

 I watched an old interview on Youtube where Adele talks about writing 21 and how she had to spend nights getting drunk and journaling all of the things she thought of herself, only to wake the next morning to read all of the not-so-shiny feelings she had hidden away. This may sound self-destructive -or if you're like me- poetically educational and self-improving. Oh the words I have scribbled across notebooks on Friday nights alone in my apartment. The bridge in "don't you remember" finally peaked my interest as I found the echo of those feelings in myself. Me too Adele, I can be a fickle hearted, bitter bitch.

Thus, I turn to Illustrator, where I turn my insecurities into pretty type. It's a therapeutic process for myself, but I also hope that others can find and embrace their fickle bitter hearts. Cheers.



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