Bailey Tann


New Zealand

This past March I took my first international trip to my dream destination- New Zealand. And not only was I able to pay for this trip on my own and crash for a week no charge- I also got to experience NZ with a wonderful wonderful friend. She is one of the best people I know- extremely loyal and genuine and trustworthy. In our adult lives I still love her greatly and so appreciate her letting me crash at her apartment while studying abroad.

We visited areas around the North Island-doing as much as we possibly could in the 8 days I was there. Her apartment and U were in Aukland so that is the starting point for most of our travels. I will never ever forget traveling across the country and exploring small islands and small towns, forming an understanding for a different way of life, flying through forests, drinking strange powdered coffee, making random friends in hostels and just overall enjoying life and learning new things. I hope I get to go back. 

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